MAROC Vintage Textile - Cream Brown & Black (Copy)

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Authentic vintage moroccan hand-woven striped and multicolored berber blanket made by the locals in the middle atlas. These blankets are woven by the women in the Atlas Mountains and each one is a unique piece inspired by the woman who wove it.

They are made from a mixture of cotton and wool.

These blankets are old but are generally in good condition.  We have given each on e a rating depending on how much ware and tear they have experienced and if there are any small holes /marks etc in a very good shape. It is made from a mixture of cotton and wool.

They are so useful for lifting your interior with a splash of colour.  They can be used as bedspreads / sofa throws / tablecloths and some are thick enough to use as a rug - we have indicated the most appropriate use for each one.

Cotton and wool composition
Machine care 30°, gentle spin

Grade of Condition

Perfect for the following uses;

These old fabrics show natural signs of wear and tear. They were sometimes patched by hand. There may be a snag, stain, hole or frayed edge but we feel that this only gives each piece its special quality of uniqueness.